The year is easing into in a very satisfactory ending, with lots to store in my creative box and to reveal in 2015.

In Johannesburg great exhibitions happened and a highlight is the Johannesburg Art Fair, works by Karel Nel stood out for me. The Fringe exhibition, running parallel to the Jhb Art Fair, was exciting and great to be a part of. My fun and stimulating art classes ran throughout the year, ending off with many diverse, wonderful paintings by my students. A pop up exhibition of their work is planned for early next year. My own paintings are building up, as I get ready for a big exhibition in the New Year – watch this space.

Inspired by Nature

Nature in and around Johannesburg has prickled my senses with the wonderful sprinkles of jacaranda flowers falling off the trees onto the ground. The rain that fell for days and days, and forced me back into winter clothing, created lush dense foliage, so much a part of my paintings, growing my canvas’s with new ideas and new ideas.

Travels and Art-filled Experiences

In London, I saw Anselm Keifer at the Royal Acadamy of Art. He is a German artist, his sculptures, installations and paintings a reflection on the past, present and future. Born at the fall of the Third Reich, he uses ash, fire, lead and straw. His work is emotional, and honest.   The viewer is thrown into the anguish of the composition.

In Denver, the Museum of Modern Art, works by Matisse and the Fauves were displayed. The curator used comfortable sitting room seating, to view the paintings. The walls picked up colours from the paintings. This was so different from the usual white sterile look.

In San Francisco I saw a retrospective of Keith Haring, an American who started as a Graffiti Artist, and worked as a Pop Artist until he passed away at the age of 31, from AIDS. He unashamedly painted about his inward emotions and outward views on the persecution of AIDS sufferers and victims of society. His was skilled in committing to paper symbols that express a myriad of emotions and forms, in a graphic and aesthetic way.

In New York, I caught touring exhibition of the Matisse Cut Outs at the Museum of Modern Art. I enjoyed the pins holding the paper together, the crudeness of the rough edges and the imperfect paint on the paper. Reproductions in books do not show the authenticity, or the monumental scale of the works.

A walk in Central Park, the fall colours on the trees, the buzzing Big Apple attributed to bringing my year of visual stimulus, to a satisfying end.

A Brand New Chapter

Joining the world of technology (I am now on Twitter, Youtube and Facebook) and being ‘out there’ with my new updated and modernized website, has enabled my art to be seen more broadly, and I am able to share my motivations and ideas on the different themes for my paintings with others.

The website has helped me to place my work in a chronological order, and show what is available for purchase. It is a public exhibition and discussion of my paintings. This is an ongoing project and I look forward to moving forward even further in the New Year.

2014 has been a major learning curve, and I am so looking forward to 2015 with all the experiences the New Year will bring.

Wishing everyone a blessed festive season.