Redefining the Pop-Up Exhibition

In December 2013, Philippa Graff held a pop-up art exhibition in her garden called ‘Capturing the Moment’.

These days ‘pop-up’ events are definitely the trend. Whether it’s a pop-up dinner party at an interesting venue, a pop-up shop where you can buy certain choice  items for a limited period of time, or a pop-up exhibition that gives artists a platform to showcase their works to an appreciative audience.

At the end of 2013, artist Philippa Graff decided to have a ‘pop-up’ exhibition in her garden to showcase the work she had completed in her Tree Series, this particular exhibition consisted of her paintings from the ‘Capturing the Moment’ series.

With paintings hanging from walls and trees around the house and in the garden, invited guests came together to take a look at Philippa’s work in a relaxed surrounding with nature playing a leading role both on canvas and in the environment. Being December, the day was gloriously warm – with not hint of rain and guests could mingle in the garden – while surrounded by art.

Exhibition at home 6

The day was a huge success and Philippa sold a few paintings as well as getting a few orders in as commissioned work. ‘I have been working on my Tree Series of paintings for quite some time and it felt so appropriate to have these paintings on view in my garden’, she says. ‘I love the spontaneous feel of a pop-up exhibition, and am thinking of doing another one as 2014 comes to an end.’

Her exhibition was aptly titled ‘Capturing the Moment’ which is exactly what Philippa did with her pop-up solo exhibition.

Exhibition at home 2

Joburg Fringe

Another pop-up event that Philippa was recently involved in was the Joburg Fringe event that took place in New Doornfontein in Downtown Johannesburg as part of the recent Maboneng Arts Festival.

The Time is Now

In the art world, it seems that the message is clear – there is no need to wait for galleries to put your art up on exhibition (or the long waiting process this sometimes takes to get things organized), -if you want to showcase your work – find an empty shop, an open space – or do it in your garden, like Philippa Graff, the time is now. 

Exhibition at home 3