Get Creative with Philippa Graff

If you’re needing a creative outlet, why not book your space at to attend art classes with local artist Philippa Graff.

In our fast-paced world, we don’t seem to give ourselves enough breathing space to get creative and have some adult ‘playtime’. In a time when most things are left-brained activities, the right side of the brain (the more artistic side) seems to be ignored, often to our detriment. Things like stress, hypertension and burnout are all part of our modern world, but taking some personal time to create beautiful works of art may be just the thing to allow body, mind and soul to breathe.

Artist and painter Philippa Graff says getting in touch with your creative side is essential for healthy living. She runs art classes from her peaceful studio in Highlands North, and is adept at teaching students art, inspiring them to reach new creative heights through different mediums.

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She has been teaching art for over 20 years and loves nothing more than sharing insights and skills regarding her passion for painting, drawing and colour.

She says, ‘I take students through a process of various techniques, showing them other artworks from different artists in order to see how artists have achieved their sense of style.’ Her classes are very hands-on and she believes anyone can learn to draw and paint, if they have the interest. ‘Often a gifted person does not exploit their talent, and a motivated, ambitious person who does not have talent, will achieve phenomenal results,’ she says.

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Philippa’s classes run on Mondays from 2.30pm-4.30pm, Tuesdays from 10am-12pm , and Wednesday evenings from 6pm-8pm.  Materials for beginners are supplied, but once you feel established, you bring your own oils, brushes and canvases or whatever you enjoy using.  Participants should come along in relaxed clothing (that can get paint on it!) and be ready to unwind and spend some time focusing on creating their artworks under Philippa’s watchful guidance.


‘My classes are open to both beginners and accomplished artists; painting is very individual and everyone moves at their own pace.’

She says the classes also provide a space for participants to share their ideas and discuss artworks, and generally have some quality ‘me time’ while learning valuable skills along the way.

The studio is situated in a beautiful garden surrounded by trees and provides a tranquil space for students to focus on their artistic pursuits.

Philippa’s teaching style is laid back and inclusive and she loves to encourage her students to push their own boundaries and grow from strength to strength.

‘Some of the students are hesitant when they start out, not sure what is expected of them – but, after some time, they find their stride and produce beautiful works,’ she says.

So for some creative inspiration and guidance, book yourself onto Philippa Graff’s art classes and let the creative juices flow.


You can contact Philippa Graff via her website: or email her at: