I regard myself as a “painter ‘s painter”.  I occupy myself with the process of making a painting:  a process that suggests where and how the painting should flow.  I concern myself with visual codings, planes, depth and dimension of forms. I use marks that provide cues and clues to what I am suggesting. I map out an image, bringing into being a coherent schema, sometimes a recognizable image, sometimes a mood or a feeling.  My painting style includes drawn, dripped and dabbed application of paint, as well as an impasto or glaze, creating a ‘visual gestalt.’

My painting reflects my preoccupation with visual dynamics of painting in a world where conceptual art is ubiquitous.

The primal activity of painting allows me to express the physical engagement with visual creativity. It permits me to actualize the potential form and content by manipulating the paint, as has been practiced in the long tradition of Fine Art painting. Painting represent the layering of thought: sensations and feelings are realized only once the mark is made. The emerging amorphous unconscious, in the depths of the mind, becomes conscious, but not always clear and defined or even realized as an image until I translate the feeling and experience into paint, at which point the image becomes more tangible.

As an artist I engage with the process of art-making with a sense of the rituals and mechanics of working with the substance of paint: the squeezing of tubes, the mixing of the viscous medium, the combining of colour on a palette, the movement of paint loaded brushes over the surface of the canvas. I engage with the dripping liquid paint that pools and then forms incidental rivulets and the glazing transparent film that emerges as an image on the picture plane.

For me, painting is not always about representing something that exists in the world, but about what emerges during the process of painting. I use the digital photographic process to generate an idea. Through painting I am able to realize the sensations of seeing, memory and association.This work is a continuation of a life-long exploration of painting. This series reinforces my commitment to painting as a legitimate contemporary form.